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Informative commercial and educational documents and brochures for the coatings, lubricant, rubber and various other markets allow our customers to choose the best products for their application.

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PDF Document UDW-16 - Formulations
Water reducible polyester/melamine white baking enamel.
PDF Document HS-19 - Formulations
High solids polyester/melamine clearcoat polyol modified
PDF Document API-15 - Formulations
2K Pigmented polyurethane coating
PDF Document API-14 - Formulations
2K PU clearcoat based on BASF Joncryl 906 & Bayer Desmodur N 3300
PDF Document PI-13 - Formulations
Zero VOC filled aliphatic 2K polyurethane floor coating
PDF Document NACURE XC-311 Product Data Sheet - Technical Data Sheets
NACURE XC-311 is a novel catalyst designed to reduce the cure temperature of am ino crosslinked systems.
PDF Document DISPARLON 6300 Introduction - Presentations
DISPARLON 6300 is a powdered thixotropic agent based on amide wax for heavy duty paints. Being 100% active, this product is favorable not only in cost/performance, but because it offers excellent recoatability.
PDF Document DISPARLON AQH-800 Showcase - Technical Flyers
DISPARLON AQH-800 is a rheology control additive based on hybridized amide technology developed for water-borne systems.
PDF Document DISPARLON NS-5500 Showcase - Technical Flyers
DISPARLON NS-5500 is a hybrid thixotropic agent based on a combination of unique technologies in solvent naphtha which is supplied as a free flowing paste. Since it is pre-activated, this product can be easily post-added for immediate effects without having to make a master-batch.
PDF Document DISPARLON PFA-231 Showcase - Technical Flyers
DISPARLON PFA-231 is a thixotropic agent in paste form consisting of a specially prepared amide wax activated in aromatic free solvent. It is easily incorporated into a variety of vehicles and/or solvents and develops an exceptionally strong and long-term retained thixotropic structure.
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