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PDF Document A Guide for Using NA-SUL Rust Preventive Additives (A4) - Application Brochures
NA-SUL rust and corrosion inhibitors exhibit superior salt fog performance compared to other sulfonate chemistries. This document will guide you through the process of formulating with NA-SUL additives.
PDF Document NACORR 1389 MS Product Data Sheet - Technical Data Sheets
NACORR 1389 MS is a liquid corrosion inhibitor based on the calcium salts of organic acids supplied in Mineral Spirits. Recommended for use in 2K urethane primers and direct to metal coatings.
PDF Document API-15 - Formulations
2K Pigmented polyurethane coating
PDF Document API-14 - Formulations
2K PU clearcoat based on BASF Joncryl 906 & Bayer Desmodur N 3300
PDF Document PI-13 - Formulations
Zero VOC filled aliphatic 2K polyurethane floor coating
PDF Document API-17 - Formulations
This formulation demonstrates the effect of K-FLEX XM-188 modification of a pigmented 2K acrylic urethane coating.
PDF Document K-POL 8211 Product Data Sheet -
K-POL 8211 is a unique, aliphatic and saturated diol recommended for 2K PU coatings, elastomers, and adhesives. It provides hard films with good flexibility.
PDF Document K-KAT XK-651 Product Data Sheet - Technical Data Sheets
K-KAT XK-651 is a versatile bismuth carboxylate catalyst designed for blocked isocyanate, two component urethanes, and one and two component silane terminated coatings.
PDF Document K-KAT 670 Product Data Sheet - Technical Data Sheets
K-KAT 670 is a novel non-tin catalyst for coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers containing crosslinkable silane terminated polymers.
PDF Document API-18 - Formulations
Formulations demonstrate the effect of K-FLEX modification of a white, 2-component acrylic urethane using exempt solvents. Improvements in flexibility and impact resistance are evident in this study.
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