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Informative commercial and educational documents and brochures for the coatings, lubricant, rubber and various other markets allow our customers to choose the best products for their application.

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PDF Document NA-SUL 450 Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet
NA-SUL 450 (formerly KX450) is a liquid emulsifiable rust preventive concentrate. NA-SUL 450 easily forms stable emulsions when added to water with moderate stirring. The resulting emulsions give excellent rust protection for steel parts during storage and transportation.
PDF Document NA-SUL 1101 Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet
NA-SUL 1101 (formerly KX1101) is a high performance ashless corrosion inhibitor specifically designed for aluminum and zinc alloys. It is soluble in most oils and polyalphaolefins (PAO). It is also very easily emulsified.
PDF Document Kontakt 40 Process Aids Brochure - Product Brochures
Selected Processing Additives in CR
PDF Document Kontakt 38 Factice Brochure - Product Brochures
Crosslinked Native Oils – Factice Vulcanized Vegetable Oils
PDF Document Kontakt 39 Silanes Brochure - Product Brochures
Deolink Silane Preparations
PDF Document Kontakt 43 Deovulc Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet
Accelerator Blends
PDF Document Kontakt 42 Processing Aids - NBR - Product Brochures
Selected Processing Additives in NBR
PDF Document Kontakt 41 Dispergum NR / SBR / BR - Product Brochures
Dispergum Zinc Soaps in NR / SBR / BR
PDF Document Kontakt 37 Process Aids - Product Brochures
EPDM rubber is predominantly used for the production of extruded or injection moulded rubber articles.
PDF Document Kontakt 36 Dispergum - Product Brochures
In order to achieve a good dispersion of fillers and a perfect plasticity for further processing, the mastication of polymer chains of NR and synthetic diene rubber is necessary.
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