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PDF Document K-PURE CDI-4311 Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet
K-PURE CDI-4311 is a 100% active organic liquid additive designed to passivate the corrosion of aluminum in water, solvent and solventless systems.
PDF Document K-PURE CDR-3320 Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet
K-PURE CDR-3320 is a unique oligomeric ester that has an affinity for metal surfaces.
PDF Document K-PURE CDR-3441 Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet
K-PURE CDR-3441 is a unique oligomeric ester that contains both hydroxyl and carboxyl functional groups.
PDF Document K-PURE CXC-1756 Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet
K-PURE CXC-1756 is an effective accelerator for thermal cure epoxy systems cross-linked with DICY and anhydrides.
PDF Document CDR-3315 Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet
CDR-3315 is a low viscosity, 100% solids, fully saturated, aliphatic polyester diol with primary hydroxyl groups. This product was designed to lower modulus, enhance flexibility and improve adhesion in cationic cured epoxies, aminoplast resins, siloxanes and isocyanate systems. At low levels, CDR-3315 can also improve the toughness of very brittle systems.
PDF Document CDR-3314 Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet
CDR-3314 is a highly reactive, aliphatic polyester polyol, which is recommended for modifying cationic cured epoxy systems, aminoplast resins and siloxanes to give improvements in adhesion and flexibility. Its uniform, narrow molecular weight distribution and unique chemical structure provide exceptional and consistent performance and broad compatibility.
PDF Document K-PURE TAG-2172 Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet
K-PURE TAG-2172 is an amine blocked Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid (DDBSA) for use as a thermal acid generator. Typical activation ranges from 140°C to 190°C depending upon the variables of the formulation and application.
PDF Document K-PURE TAG-2678 Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet
K-PURE TAG-2678 is a quaternary ammonium blocked triflic acid thermal acid generator specifically designed for use in thermally cured microlithography coatings.
PDF Document K-PURE TAG-2713 Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet
K-PURE TAG-2713 is a semiconductor grade amine blocked thermal acid generator designed for use in microlithography coatings. Its activation range is between 120°C and 140°C depending upon time, formulation components and film thickness.
PDF Document K-PURE CXC-1614 Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet
K-PURE CXC-1614 is a blocked acid catalyst based on a super acid. K-PURE CXC-1614 can catalyze the reaction of epoxy resins, ring opening of cyclic either groups, and polymerization of monomers sensitive to cationic polymerization.
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