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PDF Document NA-LUBE AW 6400FG Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet
NA-LUBE AW-6400FG is an ashless rust and corrosion inhibitor and antiwear additive.
PDF Document K-CORR NF-200 Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet
K-CORR NF-200 is a premium ashless liquid yellow metal deactivator for industrial and automotive lubricants, greases and rust preventive fluids.
PDF Document NA-SUL CA-HT3 Technical Report - Rust Preventive Performance Data - Technical Report
NA-SUL CA-HT3 is a unique liquid rust and corrosion inhibitor composed of a calcium dinonylnaphthalenesulfonate/carboxylate in light mineral oil. It has excellent solubility in most base oils and solvents
PDF Document NA-SUL 420 Technical Report - Technical Report
NA-SUL 420 is a highly effective emulsifiable rust preventive concentrate. The following tables highlight the humidity cabinet and salt spray performance of NA-SUL 420 when cut back with water.
PDF Document NA-LUBE BL-1232 EL Technical Report - Performance in Saturated Esters - Technical Report
NA-LUBE BL-1232 EL can be used to formulate industrial fluids where an environmentally friendly package is desired. It is specifically designed for ester-based hydraulic systems where excellent corrosion protection and filterability are required.
PDF Document K-CORR NF-410 Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet
K-CORR NF-410 is a premium ashless liquid multifunctional additive providing extreme pressure properties and yellow metal protecting properties by scavenging active sulfur.
PDF Document K-CORR SD-1223C Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet
K-CORR SD-1223C (formerly KX1223C) is a multifunctional ashless substituted polyamine surfactant / dispersant for lubricants that exhibits antioxidant and wear protection boosting properties.
PDF Document K-CORR SD-1223C Technical Report - Performance in Group III Oil - Technical Report
K-CORR SD-1223C is a multifunctional ashless surfactant/dispersant that is effective at low treat levels.
PDF Document NA-SUL 450 Technical Report - Technical Report
NA-SUL 450 is a highly effective emulsifiable rust preventive concentrate. NA-SUL 450 easily forms emulsions by adding to water with moderate stirring.
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