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Corona Q


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Corona Q is a white sulphur factice used for swelling resistant articles based on NBR and CR

castor oil,
cross-linked with sulphur
and hydrogen sulphide,
free of mineral oil

Appearance                                                                              Pastel yellow ground product
Total sulphur (%) ASTM D 1552 (LECO)                                 11 - 14
Free sulphur (%) Auler method0.                                              8 - 1.5
n-Hexane extract (%) DIN ISO 1407                                         6 - 10
Ash, 2 h at 950 °C (%) DIN EN ISO 3451-1                             max. 0.2
Density at 20°C (g/cm3) DIN ISO 787 part 10 A                      1.1

Note: The above analytical data are not specifications.

For swelling resistant articles based on NBR and CR. The swelling behavior of Faktis Corona Q in mineral oils is comparable to that of articles based on 33 % ACN-NBR; consequently Corona Q improves the oil resistance in articles containing 18 to 28 % ACN-NBR or CR.

 Store in originally sealed packaging in cool, dry places. Maximum recommended storage temperature: 25°C
Shelf Life is min. 6 months under the recommended storage conditions.
Avoid all personal contact. Observe good personal hygiene. For additional information, it is advised to consult the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Corona Q.


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