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Deosol H


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 Deosol H is a plasticizer for the dispersion of carbon black and light color filler.

Deosol H improves the dispersion of carbon black and light color fillers. It also facilitates the processing of rubber compounds during calendering and extrusion. Deosol H results in a smooth surface as well. For an open mill, the low dropping point of Deosol H is advantageous. Typical dosage is 2-10 phr.

Appearance                                                                  Beige pellets
Chemical Composition                                                 Aqueous emulsion of selected fatty acid esters and high molecular weight
                                                                                     waxes combined with inert fillers      
Ash (%), 2hrs at 950°C, DIN EN ISO 3451-1              19.0 – 21.0
Dropping point (°C), Mettler apparatus,
DIN ISO 2176                                                               53 - 63
Density @20°C (DIN ISO 787 part 10A)                      1.1 g/cm3

For all rubber compounds which have difficulty during processing as long as water has no adverse effects.

 Store in a cool, dry place away from any direct source of heat and moisture. Maximum recommended storage temperature: 25°C
Shelf Life is min. one year in the originally sealed package under the recommended storage conditions.
Avoid all personal contact. Observe good personal hygiene. For additional information, it is advised to consult the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Deosol H


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