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K-SPERSE 5100 is a solvent free wetting/dispersing agent for solventless epoxy systems. This low molecular weight product contains hydroxyl and carboxyl functionality and is recommended for both organic and inorganic pigments and fillers.

Improves wetting
Reduces grinding time and viscosity
Allows higher pigment loading
Provides excellent color development and gloss
Good water resistance

Appearance:                             Clear, light straw liquid
Non-Volatile, 60 min, 110°C:    96%
Solvent:                                     None
Hydroxyl number (solids):         135
Acid value (solids):                    30
Specific gravity, g/cc (25°C):     1.13  

K-SPERSE 5100 is recommended as a pigment wetting/dispersing vehicle for solventborne or solvent free systems; it is particularly useful in 100% solids epoxy systems. It is effective with organic and inorganic pigments using high shear dispersion equipment, sand mills, pebble/ball mills and most other common methods of pigment dispersing. K-SPERSE 5100 can be used as the sole dispersing resin or as a modifier for resins with poor pigment wetting characteristics.

K-SPERSE 5100 is soluble in alcohols, esters, glycols, glycol ethers, ketones and aromatic solvents. It is insoluble in aliphatic hydrocarbons.

5-50% on total pigment loading. Recommended starting level of 10% for solventless and 20% for solventborne systems. 

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