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NA-LUBE FM Friction Modifiers

NA-LUBE FM Friction Modifiers

New liquid friction modifiers for automotive and industrial lubricant applications. Phosphorous-free and sulfur-free additives based on well selected organic raw materials. NA-LUBE FM friction modifiers impart anti-friction and anti-wear properties to lubricants and greases.

NA-LUBE® AW-6360

NA-LUBE® AW-6360

An ashless multifunctional additive for industrial and automotive lubricants and greases. It exhibits excellent extreme pressure and antiwear properties. Additionally, NA-LUBE AW-6360 imparts outstanding steel corrosion protection and demulsibility to lubricants based on Group I, II and synthetic base stocks.



Additive Package in Compliance with European Eco-Label Criteria (Commission Decision 2011/381/EU). NA-LUBE BL-1232 EL is an environmentally friendly multifunctional premium ashless additive package designed for use in ester-based systems.

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New Products

Alkylated Naphthalene

Synthetic base stock with outstanding thermal and oxidative stability.  Excellent as a modifier for non-polar Group II, III and IV (PAO) base oils.

DNNS Rust Inhibitors (RI)

Excellent rust & corrosion protection as well as excellent oxidative properties solubility and demulsibility.


Rust & Corrosion Inhibitors

Rust protection, corrosion protection and yellow metal deactivators for greases and oils.


Specialty AO / EP Additives

Ashless dialkyldithio-carbamate additive that offers excellent EP, AW and AO properties.

Rust Preventive Concentrates

High quality rust protection based on dinonylnaphthalenesulfonic acid.


Antiwear Additives

Light-colored antiwear additives based on various phosphorous, nitrogen and sulfur chemistries with excellent AW properties.

Extreme Pressure Additives

Light-colored, low odor sulfurized olefins and sulfurized fatty acid esters for industrial and automotive lubricants, greases, and metalworking fluids.


Phenolic and aminic antioxidants that are used in a broad range of industrial lubricants, engine oils, and greases. Reduces sludge formation and viscosity increase.

Additive Packages & Blends

Multifunctional additive packages take the place of complex component formulations. Ashless and environmentally friendly packages available.

Friction Modifiers

Friction modifiers for automotive and industrial lubricants and greases.

FDA, Kosher, Halal

FDA and Kosher approved rust preventives, yellow metal deactivators, antioxidants and antiwear additives.


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