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For Solventborne Epoxy-Free Can Coatings

NACURE XC-290 Highly effective on aluminum substrates and supplies excellent processing resistance to water and acidic liquids. It can also provide good wet adhesion performance. TDS Sample  
NACURE XC-293 Based on proprietary acids that can improve the adhesion of amino crosslinked systems to metal substrates. TDS Sample  
NACURE XC-311 Novel latent acid catalyst designed to reduce the cure temperature of amino crosslinked systems. TDS Sample  


Catalysts for BPA Free Systems

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Epoxy / Carboxy Reaction Accelerators

NACURE XC-271 Low temperature cure response at 120°C (250°F) on 20-30 minutes cure
schedule  Excellent overbake resistance (non-yellowing).  Good UV durability.  Provides viscosity stability in 1K formulations.
TDS Sample  
NACURE XC-286 Effective for catalyzing reactions of GMA and BADGE epoxies with carboxyl groups. NACURE XC-286 provides lower temperature cure, excellent yellowing resistance and good storage stability in one component formulations. TDS  Sample   


Non-Tin Organometallic Catalyst

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For Solvent / Solvent Free Systems

K-KAT XK-635

Non-tin catalyst recommended for solvent based or solvent free 2-component
polyurethanes and 1-component blocked isocyanate systems.

TDS Sample  


Polyester Diols

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Optically Clear / Ballistic / Standard 2K/PU Systems 
K-FLEX XM-359 Polyester polyol modifier resin designed for cast elastomer prepolymers and thermoplastic urethanes. It is recommended for use in 2-component polyurethane systems. Excellent in optically clear ballistic systems. TDS Sample  
K-FLEX XM-360 Provides long pot life in 2K polyurethanes and to prevent yellowing resulting from interaction with benzotriazole (BZT) UV absorbers. K-Flex XM-360 is a saturated, aliphatic resin modifier. It provides a good balance of flexibility with hardness, excellent exterior durability plus excellent solubility in many different solvents. Best choice for optically clear ballistic applications. TDS  Sample   
K-FLEX XM-366 Low viscosity, 100% active, saturated, aliphatic polyester diol with primary hydroxyl groups. This product was designed for use as a resin modifier of acrylic/isocyanate and acrylic/melamine systems to increase flexibility and decrease VOC. TDS  Sample   


Rheology Modifiers

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Waterborne / Solventborne Applications

K-STAY 555 For pigmented solventborne applications. It is a pourable liquid which makes for ease of use in production. K-STAY 555 is highly efficient requiring low dosage levels to improve pigment suspension and sag control. TDS  Sample   
DISPARLON AQH-800 Needle-like self structure in the coating system to prevent pigment settling and hard caking. DISPARLON AQH-800 gives excellent thixotropic effect without viscosity increase unlike other rheology control agent such as conventional PU-thickener or Acrylic thickener. TDS Sample  


Corrosion Inhibitors

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NACORR XR-417 Metal complex developed to improve the corrosion resistance of direct to metal coatings. It is especially useful in waterborne coatings due to its excellent dispersability. TDS Sample
NACORR XR-422 MS Especially effective in solventborne 2K urethane primers and direct to metal coatings. TDS Sample


Soft Feel & Anti Slip

Product               Attributes                                                              TDS Sample
Deogrip Micro S Excellent matting effects in solvent systems over silica and other common additive. Soft rubber-like texture is a pleasant feeling to the touch. TDS Sample
Deogrip Micro A Excellent matting effects in waterborne systems. Soft rubber-like texture is a pleasant feeling to the touch. TDS Sample


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