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New Products

NA-LUBE AW-6360 10.8    2.6       4.8    Multifunctional additive with excellent extreme pressure/antiwear and outstanding steel corrosion inhibiting properties. TDS Sample Flyer
NA-LUBE BL-1208 7.0 3.5 0.2 Ashless AW R&O package for industrial oils with outstanding antioxidant performance in RPVOT (ASTM D 2272) and TOST (ASTM D 943) at less than 1.0% treat level. Test results are available in all base oil groups. TDS Sample Flyer
NA-LUBE BL-1232 EL 8.2 2.75 0.9 Environmentally friendly multifunctional ashless hydraulic oil package specifically designed for ester based functional fluids. Compliant with European Ecolabel criteria for lubricants.  TDS Sample Flyer
KX-450 - Rust Preventive  NA NA NA Liquid concentrate that easily forms stable emulsions when added to water with moderate stirring.  Excellent rust protection for steel parts during storage and transportation. TDS Sample Flyer


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