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Specialty polyester polyols & urethane diols

Polyester Polyols

Product                          System Type Hydroxyl # as Supplied Viscosity 25°C (cPs)             Tg   Attributes TDS Sample

Solvent / Waterborne Coatings & Cast Elastomers

K-FLEX XM-337 SB 220 55,000 -20°C Provides increased toughness
and chemical resistance for solvent based and high solids systems. 
TDS  Sample 
K-FLEX XM-360 SB, WB, CAST 220 60,000 -20°C  Prevents yellowing interaction with benzotriazole (BZT) UV absorbers in clearcoat systems. More resilient version of XM-359.   TDS  Sample 
K-FLEX 171-90 SB 122 3,700 -30°C 
A chain extended version of K-FLEX 188. Offering longer pot life, improved adhesion and flexibility. Low crosslinker demand.  
TDS  Sample 
K-FLEX 188 SB, WB, CAST 230 10,000 -32°C

Improves flexibility while maintaining hardness. Also improves salt spray, humidity resistance and exterior durability. Highly recommended for 2k urethane applications. 

TDS  Sample 
K-FLEX XM-359 SB, WB, CAST 230 9,800 -32°C Prevents yellowing interaction with benzotriazole (BZT) UV absorbers in clearcoat systems. TDS  Sample 

K-FLEX 148

SB 235 3,750 -42°C

Improves flexibility, and gloss. Increase solids at lower viscosity. Good flow and leveling. Excellent intercoat adhesion properties. Recommended for primers.

TDS Sample
K-FLEX XM-366 SB, WB 265 2,000 -45°C

Newest polyester diol. Excellent flexibility, gloss and hardness. 

TDS  Sample 


SB, WB 140 5,400 -50°C

A chain extended version of
K-FLEX A308. Flexibility modifier for acrylic/isocyanate and acrylic/melamine systems. Lower crosslinker demand. 

TDS Sample


SB, WB, CAST 260 1,500 -59°C
Similar to 188.  Low viscosity and high hydroxyl number gives good hardness and adhesion and lowers VOCs.
TDS Sample


SB, CAST 265 400 -68°C Lowest viscosity for lowest VOC. Softest films. TDS Sample

K-FLEX XM-3307

SB 300 8,000


Pigment wetting resin for solvent based systems.  TDS Sample

Urethane Diols

Product                   System Type Hydroxyl # as Supplied Acid # Viscosity 25°C (cPs) Attributes TDS Sample

Solventborne & Waterborne Systems

K-FLEX UD-320-100

SB, WB, Solventless

350 <1 7,000 @ 50°C Prepolymer synthesis. For water or solvent. Preparation of polyester polyurethanes or alkyd polyurethanes. TDS Sample
K-FLEX UD-320 SB 300 <1 9,000 Increases application solids and hardness. Improves chemical resistance, exterior durability and hydrolytic stability. TDS Sample
K-FLEX UD-350W WB 325 <1 4,000 Enhanced version of  UD-320W for improved storage stability.
UD-320W is still available.
TDS Sample

2K Epoxy Modifiers

Product System Type Active Hydrogen
as Supplied
Viscosity 25°C
Attributes TDS Sample

Solventborne & Solventless Systems

K-FLEX 7301                           SB, SL

Excellent adhesion and improved corrosion resistance. Excellent compatibility with acrylic, polyester, epoxy resins. Faster low temperature cure
in 2K epoxy/amine and reduced blushing in 2K epoxy/polyamide

TDS Sample
K-FLEX XM-B301 SB 190 1,100

Primarily recommended for use in epoxy/polyamide primers, but can also be used in systems crosslinked with amino resins or polyisocyanates.

TDS Sample


K-FLEX is a registered trademark of King Industries, Inc. for its line of Polyester and Urethane Polyols and Resin Modifiers.  
K-FLEX is also a registered trademark of Emerald Kalama Chemical for its line of Non-phthalate Plasticizers and Coalescents. 

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