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Rust Inhibitors > K-CORR G, ZN, 100, SA

Zinc & Ashless Rust Inhibitors for greases and oils subject to severe conditions.

Synergistic Blends

Product                Metal % Metal Description TDS Sample
K-CORR G-1086A Zinc 9 Antiwear synergist with first intention EP/AW additives
TDS Sample
K-CORR G-1107 Ashless NA Metal-free rust preventive with excellent antiwear properties
TDS Sample
K-CORR G-1270 Zinc 16.8 Especially suitable to fulfill severe rust requirements
TDS Sample


Zinc Naphthenate

Product                Metal % Metal Description TDS Sample
K-CORR ZN-510 Zinc 10% Highly effective rust inhibitor for grease TDS Sample


Ashless Rust Inhibitors

Product                Base Description TDS Sample
K-CORR 100 Amino Acid Derivative Ashless rust inhibitor and intermediate. TDS Sample
K-CORR 100A2 Amino Acid Derivative with amine  Ashless rust inhibitor with improved solubility. TDS Sample
K-CORR 1031 Amino Acid Derivative with amine  wwi Premium ashless rust inhibitor. TDS Sample
K-CORR SA-300 Organic Acid / Ester Highly effective at very low dosage to pass ASTM D665B in R&O circulating oils and HF-2 hydaulic oils.  Especially recommended for turbine oils, paper machine oils, industrial and automotive gear oils, grease, and rust preventive fluids. TDS TDS  Sample 


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