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Informative commercial and educational documents and brochures for the coatings, lubricant, rubber and various other markets allow our customers to choose the best products for their application.

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PDF Document Additives for Waterborne Applications - Additives for Waterborne
Catalysts, corrosion inhibitors, and resin modifiers for waterborne applications
PDF Document Catalysts for Organosilane Systems - Catalysts for Silanes
Tin-free compounds for the catalysis of crosslinkable silane-terminated polymer systems.
PDF Document Adhesives and Sealants Selection Guide - Adhesives and Sealants
Rheology modifiers, diols, catalysts and adhesion promoters for adhesives and sealants
PDF Document Additives for Wood Coatings - Additives for Wood Coatings
Catalysts, surface control, rheology modifiers, resin modifiers and soft feel additives for wood coatings.
PDF Document K-KAT 670 Technical Flyer - Technical Flyers
K-KAT 670 is a novel non-tin catalyst for coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers containing crosslinkable silane terminated polymers.
PDF Document NACURE XP-357 Product Data Sheet - Technical Data Sheets
NACURE XC-357 is an amine neutralized p-TSA catalyst. It is recommended for applications which require rapid cure response at low temperatures.
PDF Document NACURE XC-296 Product Data Sheet - Technical Data Sheets
NACURE XC-296 is an acid catalyst designed for use in solventborne epoxy-free can coatings based on polyester/phenolic resin systems..
PDF Document NACURE XC-269 Product Data Sheet - Technical Data Sheets
NACURE XC-269 is a specially formulated catalyst recommended for use in epoxy/phenolic based coatings.
PDF Document NA-LUBE EP-5665 Technical Report Performance in Grease - Technical Report
NA-LUBE EP-5665 is an ashless, multifunctional additive with excellent extreme pressure, antiwear and antioxidant properties. It is recommended for use in greases where heavy load carrying capability is required. Applications include steel mills, mining and construction equipment.
PDF Document K-KAT 670 Silane Catalyst Presentation - Presentations
Presentation describing the applications, technology, attributes and market trends related to K-KAT 670, a non-tin catalysts for crosslinkable silane terminated polymers.
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