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Informative commercial and educational documents and brochures for the coatings, lubricant, rubber and various other markets allow our customers to choose the best products for their application.

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PDF Document DISPARLON 2018 Features - Technical Flyers
Find out what's new and exciting for 2018 in the DISPARLON product line
PDF Document DISPARLON Paste Incorporation - Technical Flyers
A guide to incorporating DISPARLON pastes
PDF Document DISPARLON Powder Thixotrope Activation - Technical Flyers
A guide to activating DISPARLON powder thixotropes for epoxy coatings
PDF Document DISPARLON Polyamide Thixotropes with 3M Glass Bubbles - Technical Flyers
DISPARLON powder and preactivated polyamide thixotropes are effective at maintaining suspension and reducing floating of 3M Glass Bubbles in a variety of formulations
PDF Document DISPARLON 6900 vs Urea - Technical Flyers
Advantages of DISPARLON 6900 over urea thixotropes
PDF Document DISPARLON AQH Series - Technical Flyers
Easily incorporated rheology modifiers for waterborne systems
PDF Document Deosec PD Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet
Deosec PD is a desiccant designed to chemically bind the moisture in order to avoid porosity in the downstream processing steps.
PDF Document Deovulc CTP-PVI Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet
Deosec CTP-PVI is an antiscorching agent.
PDF Document Deolink VO Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet
Deolink VO is an activator for fillers. It links chemically to the rubber and to silica and other active white fillers containing hydroxyl groups, leading to an improvement of the physical properties and wet electrical properties of the peroxide cured vulcanizate.
PDF Document Reogen E12 Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet
REOGEN E12 is a processing aid designed to increase the filler loading, especially silica, in elastomer compounding while maintaining workable viscosity with minimal impact on mechanical properties.
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