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PDF Document FOOD GRADE Additives & Stocks (U.S.) - Application Brochures
Halal and Kosher certified, HX-1 registered Synthetic Base Oils, AW's, YMD's, and AO's for food grade applications
PDF Document Deolink Mercapto TM-100 Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet
Specialty liquid silane used in sulfur crosslinking as an activator for white fillers.
PDF Document Deolink Mercapto TE-100 Product Data Sheet - Product Data Sheet, Technical Data Sheets
Activator for filler
PDF Document NA-LUBE EP 5000 Series - Product Brochures
For Metal Working Fluids, Greases, Slideway Oils and other Industrial Lubricants
PDF Document DISPARLON AQ-633E Product Data Sheet - Technical Data Sheets
DISPARLON AQ-633E is a rheology control agent control agent. It provides excellent orientation of metallic and pearlescent pigments.
PDF Document DISPARLON AQ-001 Product Data Sheet - Technical Data Sheets
DISPARLON 6250 is a rheology modifier for waterborne systems. Imparts strong thixotropy with lower viscosity.
PDF Document DISPARLON 6100 Product Data Sheet - Technical Data Sheets
DISPARLON 6100 is a powdered thixotropic agent based on amide wax. When dispersed along with heat, this product builds a strong thixotropic network in the vehicle and prevents slumping of sealants and adhesives.
PDF Document Lubricants Brochure - General Brochures
Details on our Alkylated Naphthalene Synthetic Basestocks, ADTC, Antioxidants, AW & EP Additives, Rust and Corrosion Additives for Oils and Greases, and our new line of Additive Blends & Packages.
PDF Document NA-LUBE AW 6000 Series Product Brochure - Product Brochures
100% active antiwear additives based on various phosphorous, nitrogen and sulfur chemistries
PDF Document Deogrip Micro S Product Data Sheet - Technical Data Sheets
Softtouch additive, matting- and antislip agent for solvent based systems.
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