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Curing & Vulcanization

Specialty chemicals and blends for safe and efficient vulcanization of rubber

Catalysts & Vulcanization Accelerators

Product                  % Active Description / Attributes TDS Sample

Single Accelerators

Deovulc OTOS-80 80 Enables the dust- and spot-free incorporation of this accelerator. Deovulc OTOS improves reversion stability & mechanical / dynamic properties TDS Sample
Deovulc TP 4-75 75 Zincdialkyldithiophosphate, absorbed on a silica carrier. Deovulc TP 4 is used as an accelerator for nitrosamine-free vulcani zates based on EPDM or diene rubber. TDS Sample
Deovulc ATP-70 70 Amine activated dithiophosphate Deovulc ATP is designed for the rapid cure of EPDM and diene rubber TDS Sample

Accelerator Blends & Preparations

Deovulc EG 3 - - - Highly active blend of accelerators suitable for general applications requiring a medium cure rate and an average compression set. TDS Sample
Deovulc EG 28 - - - Highly active accelerators (ETU-free) with additional sulphur donor. Rapid full cure and a high degree of cross-linking combined with low compression set values. TDS Sample
Deovulc BG 187 (nitrosamine free) - - - Combination of Thiazole-, Dithiophosphateand basic accelerators available as non-dusting powder or granules TDS Sample


Activators & Sulfur Preparations

Product                  % Active Description / Attributes TDS Sample


Deovulc ZO 100 Zinc-2-ethylhexanoate and acts as an activator for
the vulcanization of natural rubber.
TDS Sample
Deovulc ZO-DL 67 67% dry liquid of Deovulc ZO. TDS  Sample 
Deovulc OH 96 Particularly fine calcium hydroxide, which acts as an acid scavenger and cross-linking activator in fluoroelastomer based compounds. TDS  Sample 

Sulfur Preparations

Deosulf L 95 99.5 Dust free and enable a uniform dispersion. No agglomerations occur, local overcure is avoided and consequently vulcanizates with excellent ageing properties are obtained. TDS Sample
Deosulf U 60 53 Enables the perfect incorporation of insoluble sulfur into rubber. The safety against scorch is improved and the danger of sulfur bloom is reduced TDS Sample


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