Deogrip Micro A 2010

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Deogrip Micro A 2010 is a matting, softtouch and antislip agent

Deogrip Micro A 2010 is designed for water based coating systems.

Deogrip Micro A 2010 enables excellent and very constant matting. Compared with conventional matting additives, Deogrip Micro A 2010 gives no brightening or sedimentation due to spec. gravity.

Deogrip Micro A 2010 enables satin surfaces with pleasant surface feeling and excellent mar resistance. Deogrip Micro A 2010 is widely compatible with commonly used binder systems.

General pH-value of Deogrip Micro A 2010 is around 7. In systems with pH < 6, a thickening of Deogrip Micro A 2010 is observed. This has no effect on the quality of the product. The effect is also completely reversible by addition of an aminic agent (neutralizer).

Appearance                                                                             White dispersion
Solids content [%] DIN EN ISO 3251                                      43 - 47
Density at 25°C [g/cm3] DIN ISO 787 T10A                            0.98 – 1.02
Dosage [%] (matting)                                                               5 - 15
Dosage [%] (softtouch / antislip)                                              3
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