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  DISPARLON OX-70 has unrivaled defoaming properties with good leveling properties as well. This product is based on a silicone-free, high molecular weight acrylic surface active agent. OX-70 is particularly effective in high viscosity paints which require a strong defoaming agent, such as epoxies, mastics, floor coatings and multi-component systems.

Releases air entrapped during paint production and mixing process.
Quickly breaks foam produced during coating operations.
Imparts leveling property to a film by breaking foam.
Effective in high viscosity coatings.
Prevents or minimizes fish eyes and does not affect recoatability.

OX-70 can be used in a wide range of solvent-based coatings such as vinyls, acrylics, epoxies, urethanes, alkyd melamines, oil-free alkyds, acid-cure alkyds, alkyd urethanes, etc.. This product is particularly effective for high viscosity paints including vinyl mastics, acrylic mastics, heavy duty epoxies and floor coatings based on urethanes or epoxies. OX-70 is also recommended for sanding sealers, and baking enamels such as coil coatings.

Appearance                                       Colorless to light yellow liquid
Non-volatile matter                            30 % by wt.
Solvent                                               Mineral spirits/Toluene

Additive levels : 0.2 ~ 1.0 % by wt.

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