K-KAT XK-651

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K-KAT XK-651 is a versatile bismuth carboxylate catalyst designed for blocked isocyanate, two component urethanes, and one and two component silane terminated coatings. K-KAT XK-651 is designed to provide improved hydrolytic stability compared to other bismuth carboxylate catalysts.

Excellent replacement for tin catalysts
Can be used in ambient, force dry and bake systems
Excellent gloss retention
Excellent exterior durability
Improved hydrolytic stability compared to other bismuth carboxylates

Appearance:                                   Clear, amber liquid
% Metal:                                          23
Specific gravity, 25°C:                    1.12 g/ml

K-KAT XK-651 is soluble in aromatics, aliphatics and glycol ethers. It has limited solubility in esters and alcohols. It is insoluble in water.

K-KAT XK-651 is recommended for 2K and blocked isocyanate coatings. K-KAT XK-651 can replace many heavy metal and/or toxic catalysts used in the production of urethane elastomers, foams and coatings.

0.1 – 0.5% as supplied on total resin solids for 2-component polyurethanes.
1.0 – 2.5% as supplied on total resin solids for blocked isocyanates. 

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