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K-PURE™ CDI-4302 is a high performance corrosion inhibitor designed for use in electronics applications especially to protect copper surface. K-PURE™ CDI-4302 has excellent water solubility and stability.

 Appearance Clear                                                        amber liquid
Viscosity @ 40°C (ASTM D 445, DIN 51 550)             28.3 cSt
Density @ 20°C                                                           1.15 g/ml
Weight per Gallon @ 20°C                                           9.6 lbs
Total Base Number (mg KOH/g)                                 165

Note: The above analytical data are not specifications.

A highly effective corrosion inhibitor for CMP and electronic cleaning solutions. This product may also be used in combination with CDI-4303 corrosion inhibitor. Typical treat levels: 0.1%-0.5%
K-PURE™ CDI-4302 is a unique water soluble corrosion inhibitor for electronics especially to protect copper surfaces. It exhibits exceptional storage stability both as the concentrate and in water solutions.

Solubility: Soluble in water at all concentrations. Soluble also in alcohols.

 Store in a cool, dry place away from any direct source of heat and moisture. Maximum recommended storage temperature: 46° C (115° F).
Best if used within 2 years from the date of manufacture.


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