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NACORR 1352 is a liquid corrosion inhibitor based on the calcium salt of an aromatic sulfonic acid.

Improves corrosion resistance as it passivates the metal
Synergistic results are obtained in combination with anti-corrosive pigments
Improves water resistance by providing a barrier effect and reducing water permeation of the coating
Better stability, exhibiting good in-can viscosity stability
Promotes pigment dispersion when a small amount is used in the grind, thereby reducing grind time, increasing pigment loading, and improving color strength
Improves gloss properties when used as a dispersant in the grind

Appearance:                            Clear, dark amber liquid
% Active:                                  50
Specific gravity, 25°C:             1.0
Volatile:                                    2- Butoxyethanol
% Calcium:                               2.1

NACORR 1352 can be used in most types of aqueous air dry and thermoset coatings. Recommended in waterborne primers, general industrial and maintenance coatings.

1-3% based on the total weight of paint if used as the sole anti-corrosive agent. When used in combination with other types of corrosion inhibiting pigments, NACORR 1352 should be added at 25-50% of the total anti-corrosive pigment loading.
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