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Zinc soap, fatty acid complexes with and without oxidation catalyst modification

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DISPERGUM PT 102°C 13.0 Yes Improves filler dispersion, excellent flow properties, and lowers Heat Build Up values. TDS Sample  
DISPERGUM R 97°C 10.2 Yes Zinc soap modified with special paraffinic lubricants to improve flow and demoulding properties. TDS Sample  
DISPERGUM K 101°C 24.5 Yes economically priced zinc soap combined with an easily dispersible inorganic carrier. TDS Sample  
DISPERGUM E 83°C 13.0 Yes high activity zinc soap with a low dropping point. Suitable for low shear forces and for open mill mixing. TDS Sample  
DISPERGUM GT 102°C 16.5 No Improves the processing properties of light colored compounds containing light active filler and provides optimized dynamical values, e.g. hysteresis. TDS Sample  


DISPERGUM 24 113°C 11.8 No Oxidation catalyst and zinc soaps of defined fatty acids provides a positive influence on dynamical
properties such as Heat Build Up.
TDS Sample  
DISPERGUM 36 63°C 21.5 No Highly active oxidation catalyst, combined with other organic and inorganic additives. Excellent mastication results. TDS Sample  
DISPERGUM 40 97°C 20.0 No ZINC FREE peptizing agent. Due to its unique carrier system, the oxidation catalyst works rapidly and
gives excellent mastication results.
TDS Sample  



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