NACURE®  Acid Catalysts
K-KAT®  Urethane Catalysts
K-FLEX®  Resin Modifiers

K-POL® Specialty Diols

K-STAY® Rheology Modifiers

K-SPERSE® Dispersants

DISPARLON® Thixotropes

DISPARLON® Surface Control

NACORR® Corrosion Inhibitors
DEOGRIP®   Soft Feel & Matting

NA-LUBE® KR  Alkyl Naphthalene
NA-LUBE® BL Blends/Packages

NA-LUBE® FM Friction Modifiers

NA-LUBE® AW Antiwear
NA-LUBE® AO Antioxidant
NA-LUBE® EP Extreme Pressure


NA-SUL® Corrosion Inhibitors
K-CORR®  Rust Inhibitors 

REOGEN®   Processing Aids
DEOFLOW®   Processing Aids

DEOGUM® Processing Aids
BONDOGEN®   Peptizers
DISPERGUM®   Peptizers
PLASTOGEN®  Plasticizers
DEOVULC®  Accelerator Blends
DEOSTAB®  Vulc. Stabilizer
DEOLINK® Liquid & Dry Silanes


K-PURE® Electronic Chemicals

NACURE® Wire & Cable

NACURE® Adhesive/Sealant

K-KAT® Adhesive/Sealant

K-FLEX® Adhesive/Sealant

K-KAT® For Elastomers (non-tin)

K-FLEX® For Elastomer



Technical Video Library


Temporary Rust Prevention - NA-SUL 1019A

Demonstration of the role of rust preventives with a water based rust preventive.  This situation simulates flash rust by showing two panels after being exposed to a vinegar solution.  As you will see in the video, flash rust is prevented by the addition of NA-SUL 1019A into the water/vinegar solution. 

To learn more about our offerings in rust prevention, please click here for our complete product line.


DISPARLON 6900-20X Paste Incorporation

The masterbatch technique is used when there are no pigments or fillers present in the paint. The masterbatch can be post added to the final paint. Masterbatches are typically prepared at 10 to 20% concentration. The typical masterbatch formulation is 20 parts DISPARLON 6900-20X, 40 parts Xylene, and 40 parts resin solution.

For more information, view the Paste Incorporation Flyer.


Making a Pre-Gel - DISPARLON AQ-607

When preparing a pre-gel with DISPARLON AQ-607 it is important to follow proper mixing techniques and instructions in order to achieve the desired results. Blade size, mixing speed, and vortex control all contribute to effective incorporation of DISPARLON AQ-607.

For more information on DISPARLON Rheology Modifiers, please click here to find our latest offerings.
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