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    nacureNACURE Videos

    NACURE XC-320 Incorporation (Waterborne Coating System)

    This video illustrates the proper and improper incorporation of NACURE XC-320 into a waterborne coating system.

    NACURE XC-320 is a novel catalyst designed to reduce the cure temperature of amino crosslinked systems. It is especially effective in OEM clearcoats and can be used in waterborne basecoats when added to the resin components before the addition of water.

    disparlonDISPARLON Videos

    Incorporating DISPARLON 6900-20X in a Filled or Pigmented System

    Instructional video for incorporating DISPARLON 6900-20X into a pigmented or filled formulation. The easiest paste incorporation is to add it immediately after the grind and before the letdown. This is recommended for enamels or clearcoats with flattening silica or fillers. The pigment and fillers will help to disperse the DISPARLON paste.

    For more information, view the Paste Incorporation Flyer

    Paste Incorporation with DISPARLON 6900-20X

    The masterbatch technique is used when there are no pigments or fillers present in the paint. The masterbatch can be post added to the final paint. Masterbatches are typically prepared at 10 to 20% concentration. The typical masterbatch formulation is 20 parts DISPARLON 6900-20X, 40 parts Xylene, and 40 parts resin solution.

    For more information, view the Paste Incorporation Flyer

    Preparing a Pre-Gel with DISPARLON AQ-607

    When preparing a pre-gel with DISPARLON AQ-607 it is important to follow proper mixing techniques and instructions in order to achieve the desired results. Blade size, mixing speed, and vortex control all contribute to effective incorporation of DISPARLON AQ-607.

    kkatK-KAT Videos

    K-KAT XK-651 2K PU Hydrolytic Stability Study

    King Industries K-KAT XK-651 is a novel bismuth carboxylate designed for blocked isocyanate, 2K PU and silane terminated polymer systems.

    In this video K-KAT XK-651 is tested against a competitor bismuth catalyst to show that it is more hydrolytically stable.

  • Lubricants Videos

    nasulNA-SUL Videos

    Temporary Rust Prevention Using NA-SUL 1019A

    This video demonstrates the role of rust preventives with a water based rust preventive. This situation simulates flash rust by showing two panels after being exposed to a vinegar solution. As you will see in the video, flash rust is prevented by the addition of NA-SUL 1019A into the water/vinegar solution.

    nalubeNA-LUBE KR Videos

    High Temperature Chain Performance with NA-LUBE KR-019

    This video shows two dynamic tests comparing the performance of a polyol ester control fluid to a polyol ester fluid modified with 20% NA-LUBE KR-019 after an 8 hour bake at 260°C.