K-POL® Specialty Diols

K-POL 8211

  • Viscosity @ 25°C 7,200 cPs
  • Hydroxyl Number 400
  • Equivalent Weight, g/eq. (as supplied) 140
  • Polyester diol Cost effective diol. Improves hardness and flexibility. Good exterior durability and chemical resistance. Recommended for 2K PU general purpose coatings and elastomers.

K-POL XM-413

  • % Active 100
  • Viscosity @ 25°C 850 cPs
  • Application Advantage Pot life
  • Urethane diol Consists of only 1° OH. Good compatibility in high mW ethers, esters and aromatic isocyanates. Recommended as a chain extender and curative for aliphatic prepolymers. A 1,4-Butanediol alternative with longer pot-life and lower exotherm for reduced suck-back and shrinkage.