Open Opportunities


Product Development Chemist - Ideal candidates should have a PhD in Chemistry with experience in Alkylation, Sulfonation and Organic Synthesis.

Formulating Chemist, Rust Preventives Technical Service - Ideal candidates should have a BS or MS in Chemistry and experience in formulating rust preventives and/or anticorrosive coatings.

Process Chemist - King is looking to hire a hands-on Process Chemist. Ideal candidates should have a Bachelor of Science or master’s degree in Organic Chemistry.

Quality Control Technician (Rotating) - Ideal candidates should have an Associates or BS in Chemistry. Applicants must have a familiarity with classic wet chemical and instrumental techniques. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to analysis of raw materials, in-process material, and final materials, maintaining and calibrating testing equipment, and participating in reproducibility and repeatability studies.

Development Specialist/Technologist - Experience in developing and evaluating additives and additive packages for industrial lubricants.


Sales Development Manager - 15+ year experience in selling and marketing of specialty, high performance lubricant additives or coatings additives.


Lab Production Chemist- King is looking to hire a Production Chemist. Ideal candidates should have a BS in Chemistry and should have an interest in Chemical Production and in pursuing a career in Chemical Manufacturing.

Production Shift Engineer (Rotating)- King Industries is actively seeking to hire entry level chemical engineers with Co-Op or Internship experience. The role of the Production Shift Engineer requires candidates to have a strong academic background combined with the ability to manage personnel, maintain a positive safety climate, and meet production goals.

Chemical Production Operator Helper (2nd or 3rd Shift) - Seeking applicants that are mechanically inclined. Experience in the chemical industry is a plus. Starting wage $22/hr.

Chemical Drummer (2nd or 3rd Shift) - Entry level position. Responsibilities include filling industrial shipping containers with King Industries product.


Pipefitter - Responsibilities include the repair and installation of steam, air, water and chemical piping and components throughout the King Industries plant year-round. As a Pipefitter at King Industries, you will be part of the company’s maintenance department which currently has a staff of six pipefitters.


Material Handler - Responsibilities include transportation of material, equipment, and packaging in and around warehouse and process areas as well as inventory and other warehouse duties.


Process Design/Project Engineer - Ideal candidates should have a Bachelor of Science or master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, as well as 5-10 years’ experience in design, project, and process engineering in chemical plant operations. Responsibilities include designing and/or selecting process equipment and auxiliaries, implementing process improvements, writing, and maintaining process instructions, and preparing documentation such as piping and instrumentation diagrams.

Process Control/Automation Engineer - Ideal candidates should have a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical or Electrical Engineering, as well as five years’ experience in process controls design and troubleshooting in the process industries, preferable in chemical manufacturing. Responsibilities include developing process control systems, instrumentation design, controls logic, and wiring schemes.

Process Safety Management (PSM) Specialist/Manager - Ideal candidates should have a BS or a MS degree in Chemical Engineering as well as 15 years of experience in specialty chemical process engineering or safety engineering function, in a PSM- covered facility. Responsibilities include overall responsibility for Process Safety Management and Risk Management Plan programs related to process safety information, process operating instructions, process hazards analyses, management of change and pre-startup safety review, and compliance audits.


Safety & Emergency Response Technician (SERT) - Responsibilities include but are not limited to responding to all emergency conditions, monitoring the facility, conducting inspections, conducting investigations and reporting on incidents, assisting in the development and delivery of training, and managing equipment/permits related to employee safety. Applicants must have an associate’s degree or higher in industrial safety, industrial hygiene or fire science and must have a minimum of 2 years' experience with a fire department or equivalent.

Information Systems

Systems Administrator - King Industries is actively looking to hire a Systems Administrator responsible for providing administrative support of onsite and in cloud server systems and infrastructure. Ideal candidates should have a bachelor’s degree in a technical field (computer science/engineering, or mathematics), as well as hands on experience administering a Hyper-V on-premise environment, followed by a hybrid migration to the cloud, and 3+ years managing O365/Azure AD and related services.

To apply please submit your cover letter and resume to Vernece Richardson