K-KAT XK-651

  • Metal Type Bismuth carboxylate
  • Market Application 2K PU
  • % Active 25
  • Catalyst (tin-free) High active, versatile, designed for 2K PU, HFO blown foam and silane terminated coatings. Improved hydrolytic stability compared to traditional Bi carboxylates.

K-KAT XK-614

  • Metal Type Zinc-amine complex
  • % Active 100
  • Market Application Foam
  • Catalyst (tin-free) Recommended for ambient cure and force dry 2K SB and WB PU coatings. Has excellent stability in HFO-Blown PU foams. Can also be used in 1K moisture cure PU adhesives and coatings.


  • Metal Type Bismuth-amine complex
  • % Active 95
  • Application Advantage Hydrolytic stability
  • Catalyst (tin-free) Balance of high efficiency and hydrolytic stability due to metal-amine synergy. Great compatibility with HFO-blown PU foam. Efficient in low temperature cure PU systems.