K-POL 8211 is a unique, aliphatic diol recommended for 2K PU general purpose coatings and elastomers. It provides chemical and stain resistant, scratch resistances and hard films with good flexibility.

Viscosity @ 25°C 7,200 cPs
Hydroxyl Number 400
Equivalent Weight, g/eq. (as supplied) 140
Application Advantage Flexibility
Application Advantage Hardness
Application Advantage Chemical resistance
Application Advantage Stain resistance
Application Advantage Scratch & abrasion resistance
Application Advantage Exterior durability
Application Advantage Low VOC
Formulation Advantage 100% active
Formulation Advantage Cost effective
Market Application General industrial
Market Application Maintenance
Market Application Flooring
Market Application Wood
Market Application Auto OEM
Market Application Auto refinish
Market Application Urethane elastomers
Product Group Polyester diol