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We offer a broad range of products used in formulating high performance industrial and automotive, aerospace, and ballistic grade additives. Our core technologies consist of catalysts, corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, resin modifiers, rheology, and surface control.



Acid Phosphate catalyst supplied at 75% active in n-butanol. Particularly effective with partially alkylated melamines for automotive topcoats and primers, general industrials, wood coatings. It is recommended for use with high imino or partially alkylated type melamine crosslinkers.

K-FLEX® XM-366

K-FLEX® XM-366

Low viscosity, 100% active, saturated, aliphatic polyester diol with primary hydroxyl groups. This product was designed for use as a resin modifier of acrylic/isocyanate and acrylic/melamine systems to increase flexibility and decrease VOC.

TiO2 Optimization

K-SPERSE 152 - TiO2 Study

This study demonstrates the advantage of using K-SPERSE 152 to disperse titanium dioxide when compared to another commercially available dispersant. Improvement can be seen in dispersant efficiency, as measured by pigment dispersant demand. Also, due to the hydrophobicity of K-SPERSE 152, there is generally a reduction in water sensitivity and an improvement in corrosion resistance in the finished coating.

K-KAT® XK 635

K-KAT® XK 635

Non-tin catalyst recommended for ambient cured or force dried 2-component solvent based polyurethane systems. It can also be used in thermal cured 1-component blocked isocyanate systems.

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Broad selection of blocked and unblocked acid catalysts for amino reactions.

Tin Free Catalysts

Environmentally friendly isocyanate-hydroxyl crosslinking catalysts based on bismuth, aluminum, zinc and zirconium metal chelates and complexes.

Resin Modifiers

Specialty polyester polyols & urethane diols, and reactive diluents. Improve adhesion, flexibility, crosslink density with reduced your VOC’s.

Rheology Modifiers

For high performance solventborne and waterborne applications, including DISPARLON® high performance polyamide thixotropes, and K-STAY liquid modifiers.


Liquid and powder dispersants and flood/float additives for organic and inorganic pigments in solventborne and waterborne formulations.

Surface Control

Acrylic & silicone defoamers, leveling, wetting, and anti-popping additives for solvent, aqueous, and UV systems offering excellent recoatability.  

Corrosion Inhibitors

Providing corrosion resistance to aqueous, non-aqueous and powder systems. NACORR can be used as the primary corrosion inhibitor or in combination with environmentally friendly anti-corrosive pigments.

Liquid and Dry Silanes

Specialty silanes create molecular bridges between inorganic materials and organic polymers leading to improved adhesion, cross cut resistance, and recoatability.

Factice (VVO)

Specialty grades of peroxide crosslinked vegetable oils are effective at achieving decorative and functional coatings characteristics such as soft feel or anti-slip/skid.
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