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Rubber Additives


As the first purpose driven technology developed at King in 1932, our Rubber Additive Division has a long history of developing performance based additives that allow compounders and formulators to reach their rigorous performance specifications.
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Process Oils & Peptizers

The original processing aids for EPDM, NR, and NBR trusted for over 80 years.

Zinc Soaps & Peptizers

Designed to meet the high demands of the modern rubber processing plant, these products greatly improve your processing efficiency.

Zinc Free Process Aids

Fatty acid, fatty alcohol complexes with superb dispersing and flow efficiency properties.

Specialty Processing Aids

Special performing agents for low mold fouling and improved release effects in FKM & HNBR, and ECO and Acrylic Rubber.  

Vulcanized Vegetable Oils

Specialty grade factice materials from D.O.G. Chemie can offer outstanding performance enhancements in nearly all rubber types.

XLPE Catalyst & General Blends

Catalysts and Activator blends designed to optimize the cure characteristics of all types of rubber.

Vulcanization Stabilizer

A unique product which stabilizes the negative effect of CaO in EPDM without effecting compression set, or the activity of the desiccant.


Prevents porosity of pressureless vulcanizes articles by chemically binding the moisture in the compound.

Liquid and Dry Silanes

Silanes enable a chemical coupling of the polymer to the inorganic filler which promotes better abrasion, electrical properties, and compression set.
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