DISPARLON AQ-607 is a polyamide based rheology control agent for waterborne systems. The 3-D network structure prevents sagging and pigment settling. Recommended for emulsions and dispersions for best compatibility.

Market Application Waterborne
Application Advantage Anti-settle
Application Advantage Sprayable
Application Advantage Prevents hard caking
Application Advantage Humidity resistance
Application Advantage Pigment orientation
Application Advantage Highly shear thinning
Application Advantage Anti-sag
Application Advantage Fast recovery
Formulation Advantage Compatibility
Formulation Advantage Prevents pigment separation
Market Application Emulsions
Market Application Dispersions
Market Application Auto OEM
Market Application General industrial
Market Application Inks
Market Application Maintenance
Market Application Marine
Market Application Stains/varnishes
Market Application Wood
Formulation Advantage Efficient
Formulation Advantage Low viscosity
Form Gel
% Active 15
Product Group Rheology modifier