DISPARLON NSH-8430HF is a surface control additive based on specially prepared acrylic/silicone copolymers designed for baking paints such as acrylic/melamine, alkyd/melamine, polyester/melamine and acid/epoxy paint for automotive and appliance applications. This product strongly prevents cratering caused by dirt/stain contamination, and gives excellent wetting over low surface tension coatings such as some of the new high-polarity automotive OEM coatings.
Market Application Automotive topcoats
Market Application Automotive primers
Application Advantage Wetting
Application Advantage Leveling
Application Advantage Defoaming
Application Advantage Anti-popping
Market Application Solventborne
Market Application General industrial
Market Application Acrylics
Market Application Urethanes
Market Application Polyesters
Market Application Ambient cure
Market Application Bake systems
% Active 10
Form Liquid
Product Group Surface control