K-CORR 1031 is a 100% active ashless rust inhibitor with a relatively low acid number compared to succinic acid half esters. K-CORR 1031 is well suited for formulating ashless rust and oxidation oils, hydraulic oils, paper machine oils and industrial and automotive gear oils. K-CORR 1031 has excellent solubility in low polarity base oils such as PAO and severely hydrotreated Group II and Group III base oils.
Mineral Oil Content 0%
Acid Value 90 mg KOH/g
Viscosity @ 40°C 1030 cSt
Application Advantage Rust inhibition
Application Advantage Demulsibility
Application Advantage Synergistic with EP/AW additives
Application Advantage Thermal stability
Application Advantage Hydrolytic stability
Application Advantage Filterability
Formulation Advantage Ashless
Formulation Advantage Solubility
Market Application Hydraulic
Market Application Compressor
Market Application Circulating
Market Application Gear
Market Application Grease
Market Application Paper machine
Market Application R&O
Market Application Industrial
Market Application Automotive
Product Group Rust inhibitor