K-CORR NF-200L is an ashless yellow metal deactivator for industrial and automotive lubricants, greases, and rust preventive fluids. It is HX-1 compliant with FDA 21 CFR not to exceed 0.1% by weight (NSF Reg No. 141124).
Sulfur Content 0%
Nitrogen Content 14.5%
Viscosity @ 40°C 78 cSt
Application Advantage FDA 21 CFR HX-1
Application Advantage Yellow metal deactivation
Application Advantage Corrosion resistance
Application Advantage Hydrolytic stability
Application Advantage Thermal stability
Application Advantage Demulsibility
Application Advantage Low viscosity
Formulation Advantage Solubility
Formulation Advantage Ashless
Formulation Advantage Compatibility
Market Application Metalworking
Market Application Industrial
Market Application Turbine
Market Application Compressor
Market Application Hydraulic
Market Application R&O
Market Application Rust preventive
Market Application Gear
Market Application Automotive
Market Application Grease
Product Group Yellow metal deactivator