K-FLEX UD-320-100 a 100% solids version of K-FLEX UD-320 recommended for prepolymer synthesis and 100% solids WB/SB melamine crosslinked systems or 2K PU. Used for preparation of polyester polyurethanes or alkyd polyurethanes. Provides hardness and exterior durability.
Viscosity @ 50°C 7,000 cPs
Hydroxyl Number 350
% Active 100
Application Advantage Low VOC
Application Advantage Exterior durability
Application Advantage Chemical resistance
Application Advantage QUV resistance
Formulation Advantage Isocyanate free
Formulation Advantage Solvent-free
Market Application Auto OEM
Market Application Coil
Market Application Aerospace
Market Application Wood
Market Application Screen printing ink
Formulation Advantage Hydrolytic stability
Product Group Urethane diol
Application Advantage Hardness