K-SPERSE 152 MS is a highly effective wetting and dispersing agent for all types of pigments. It is a zinc salt of an alkyl aryl sulfonic acid dissolved in mineral spirits and is recommended for use in all solventborne coatings and inks.
Market Application Solventborne
Application Advantage Pigment dispersion
Application Advantage Color development
Application Advantage Pigment wetting
Application Advantage Gloss
Application Advantage Improves jetness of black pigments
Application Advantage Humidity resistance
Application Advantage Lower dispersant levels
Application Advantage Corrosion resistance
Formulation Advantage Higher pigment loading
Formulation Advantage Enhances catalyst performance
Market Application Alkyds
Market Application Acrylics
Market Application Polyesters
Market Application Chlorinated rubber
% Active 50
Market Application Bituminous
Product Group Dispersant
Market Application Urethanes