NA-LUBE BL-1300FG is a multifunctional additive package designed for use in the food processing industry. It imparts outstanding oxidation and anticorrosion protection to a variety of food grade base oils. Depending on the food grade lubricant used, the recommended treat level is 1.0 to 2.3% by weight. NA-LUBE BL-1300FG is HX-1 compliant with FDA 21 CFR not to exceed 2.3% by weight (NSF Reg No. 145962) and passes the Vickers Vane Pump test (Type V 104-C, DIN EN ISO 20763) at a treat level of 1.5% by weight.

NA-LUBE BL-1300FG can also be used in non-food applications.

Phosphorus Content 1.0%
Nitrogen Content 1.4%
Viscosity @ 40°C 86 cSt
Application Advantage FDA 21 CFR HX-1
Formulation Advantage Ashless
Application Advantage Rust inhibition
Application Advantage Corrosion resistance
Application Advantage AW/AO Properties
Application Advantage Thermal stability
Application Advantage Hydrolytic stability
Application Advantage Filterability
Application Advantage Multifunctional
Market Application R&O
Market Application Hydraulic
Market Application Gear
Market Application Circulating
Market Application Industrial
Product Group Packages and blends