NA-SUL 1019A is a water-soluble rust and corrosion inhibitor concentrate that forms a transparent solution in water for protecting steel and aluminum parts during storage.

Solutions of NA-SUL 1019A are ideal for coating metal parts by dipping, but can also be used in spray-applied applications. Parts dry in about 15 minutes, leaving a thin, almost dry, hydrophobic film on the metal surface that provides excellent protection even in very humid conditions. The film can be easily removed with alkaline cleaners.

Treat levels of 1.0%-10.0% are recommended depending on the applications and requirements.

NA-SUL 1019A is suitable for applications required to pass the Iron Chip Test (ASTM D4627).

Video Demo:

For a performance demonstration of NA-SUL 1019A click here

Metal Type Ashless
Metal Content 0%
Viscosity @ 40°C 350 cSt
Application Advantage Rust inhibition
Application Advantage Corrosion resistance
Application Advantage Humidity resistance
Application Advantage Fast drying
Application Advantage Easy removal
Application Advantage Thin film
Application Advantage Forms clear solution
Application Advantage Sprayable
Application Advantage Multi-metal protection
Application Advantage Non-staining
Formulation Advantage Water soluble
Formulation Advantage Waterborne
Formulation Advantage Ashless
Formulation Advantage Easy to handle
Market Application Rust preventive