NA-SUL CA-1089 can be used in a wide variety of industrial lubricant applications where excellent rust protection, filterability and water resistance are desired.

NA-SUL CA-1089 is highly recommended for use in hydraulic fluids meeting the Parker Hannifin Denison HF-0 specification.

NA-SUL CA-1089 is also ideally suited for formulating paper machine oils and circulating oils where good filterability, anticorrosion, thermal stability and demulsification properties are required.

In rust preventive applications, it is particularly useful for coiled steel or stacked parts because of its outstanding non-staining properties.

Metal Type Calcium
Metal Content 2.2%
Viscosity @ 40°C 2500 cSt
Viscosity @ 100°C 36 cSt
Application Advantage Rust inhibition
Application Advantage Salt spray resistance
Application Advantage Humidity resistance
Application Advantage Non-staining
Application Advantage Filterability
Application Advantage Thermal stability
Application Advantage Hydrolytic stability
Application Advantage Dewatering
Application Advantage Water resistance
Application Advantage Water displacement
Application Advantage Demulsibility
Application Advantage Thin film
Application Advantage Sprayable
Formulation Advantage Solubility
Formulation Advantage Low odor
Formulation Advantage Low treat rate
Market Application Hydraulic
Market Application Circulating
Market Application Paper machine
Market Application Rust preventive
Market Application Dewatering
Market Application Industrial
Product Group Rust inhibitor
Product Group Rust preventive