NA-SUL CA/W1935 is an outstanding water displacing rust and corrosion inhibitor used for formulating rust preventive fluids. It can be used in combination with waxes, oxidized petrolatums, and resins to formulate oil based or solvent based rust preventive fluids. Therefore, it is suitable for use as an additive in rust preventive fluids that need to perform extremely well under conditions ranging from indoor humid conditions to the most severe outdoor ambient atmospheres. When heated above its melting point, NA-SUL CA/W1935 rapidly dissolves in most petroleum lubricants, which may then be cut back with solvent to form outstanding, stable rust preventive oils.

NA-SUL CA/W1935 has been successfully incorporated into a variety of products including hot-melt rust preventive systems and temporary coatings. When properly formulated, NA-SUL CA/W1935 will provide protection in atmospheres ranging from acidic and severe coastal areas to moderately humid climates. In addition, NA-SUL CA/W1935 has excellent moisture displacing properties.

Metal Type Calcium
Metal Content 1.5%
Viscosity @ 100°C 400 cSt
Application Advantage Water displacement
Application Advantage Rust inhibition
Application Advantage Severe rust prevention
Application Advantage Corrosion resistance
Application Advantage Humidity resistance
Application Advantage Salt spray resistance
Application Advantage Thin film
Application Advantage Thick film
Formulation Advantage Low melting point
Market Application Rust preventive
Market Application Slushing oil
Product Group Rust preventive