NA-SUL SS is a high molecular weight, synthetic sodium sulfonate with a narrow molecular weight distribution. Unlike most sodium petroleum sulfonates, NA-SUL SS is not an emulsifier. NA-SUL SS is used in rust preventive fluids, slushing oils, preservative oils and circulating oils. It is also used in rust preventive fluids where staining due to metal-to-metal contact is a problem.

Rust preventive formulations based on NA-SUL SS form protective films on metal parts that provide resistance to re-emulsification. NA-SUL SS is recommended for use in soluble metalworking fluids and coolants to improve rust inhibition where it is significantly superior to sodium petroleum sulfonates. NA-SUL SS effectively prevents corrosion caused by dissimilar metal contact.

Metal Type Sodium
Metal Content 2.4%
Viscosity @ 40°C 2000 cSt
Viscosity @ 100°C 57 cSt
Application Advantage Rust inhibition
Application Advantage Corrosion resistance
Application Advantage Non-staining
Formulation Advantage Solubility
Formulation Advantage Resists emulsification/demulsification
Market Application Rust preventive
Market Application Circulating
Market Application Slushing oil
Market Application Metalworking
Product Group Rust inhibitor
Product Group Rust preventive