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Specialty chemicals for electronic applications

Acid Catalysts

Product  System Type        Use Level Attributes TDS Sample

Amino Resin Systems

NACURE 155 Low pressure Laminating Adhesives 0.2-0.5% Best water resistance properties, preneutralize with amine for waterborne TDS Sample
NACURE 3525 Low pressure Laminating Adhesives  0.5-2.0% Best stability, direct addition, good water resistance TDS  Sample 
K-CURE 1040 Low pressure Laminating Adhesives  0.1-0.8% Fastest cure, preneutralize with amine for waterborne TDS  Sample 
NACURE 4000 Low pressure Laminating Adhesives  0.5-1.0% For high imino and polymeric melamines TDS  Sample 


Resin Modifiers

Product              Composition Application Use Level Attributes TDS Sample
K-FLEX 188 Polyester Polyol 2KPU Structural 5-20 Best resistance properties, highest toughness TDS Sample
K-FLEX A308 Polyester Polyol 2KPU Structural  5-20 Lowest viscosity and VOC, solventless and ultra high solids TDS  Sample 
K-FLEX UD-350W Urethane Diol Low Pressure Laminating Adhesive 2-10 Water soluble, without amine, co-solvent or surfactant TDS  Sample 
K-FLEX XM-B301 Modifier 2K Epoxy Structural 2-6 Faster low temperature cure with amine hardeners TDS  Sample 


Non-Tin Catalysts

Product System Type Attributes TDS Sample

2K PU Systems

K-KAT 348 2K Polyurethane Structural Aliphatic isocyanates, similar cure to tin catalysts TDS Sample
K-KAT XK-604 2K Polyurethane Structural  Aromatic isocyanates (induction period with MDI), mercury replacement TDS  Sample 
K-KAT XK-614 2K Polyurethane Structural  Waterborne, solvent based and solvent-free, thermal bump, selective TDS  Sample 


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