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Adhesives & Sealants > K-PURE, K-FLEX, K-KAT

Specialty chemicals for adhesives and sealants

Polyamide Thixotropes

Addition of DISPARLON® provides thixotropy with good shear thinning for ease of application and excellent film build/bead formation. In liquid systems, suspension of fillers can be achieved with minimal effect on application viscosity.

Product              Form Attributes TDS Sample
DISPARLON 6100 Powder Lowest activation temperature TDS Sample
DISPARLON 6250 Powder Reduced activation temperature TDS  Sample 
DISPARLON 6500 Powder General use TDS  Sample 
DISPARLON AQH-800 Rheology modifier Anti-settle/ anti-sag TDS  Sample 


Polyester Diols

Unique diols that can enhance mechanical properties and improve bond strength. K-FLEX® diols are solventless liquid polyester diols that range in viscosity from 400-12,000 cPs and can add a balance of flexibility, while retaining hardness. They are especially suited for adhesives that require good clarity and low color development.

Product              Form Attributes TDS Sample
K-FLEX 188 Liquid Best resistance properties, highest toughness TDS Sample
K-FLEX XM-366 Liquid Lower viscosity, more flexibility TDS  Sample 
K-FLEX XM-332 Liquid Lower viscosity, softest TDS  Sample 



K-KAT® catalysts are alternatives to tin and mercury catalysts for isocyanate, blocked isocyanate and moisture cure silane systems.

K-PURE® catalysts are 100% solids, latent thermal initiators for epoxy systems. These catalysts initiate reactions for epoxy/epoxy, epoxy/acid anhydride, epoxy/polyol and epoxy/benzoxazine systems. Applications include semiconductor manufacturing, electronic packaging, laminating and industrial/automotive adhesives.

Product  Form Attributes TDS Sample
K-KAT 670 Liquid Zinc complex TDS Sample
K-KAT XK-678 Liquid  Acid phosphate  TDS  Sample 
K-KAT XK-661 Liquid  Zinc complex TDS  Sample 
K-KAT XK-604 Liquid Hg alternative TDS  Sample 
K-PURE CXC-1612 Solid 80°C cure TDS Sample
K-PURE CXC-1614 Solid 100°C cure TDS Sample
K-PURE CXC-1615 Solution 120°C cure TDS Sample
K-PURE CXC-1765 Liquid Epoxy and acid anhydride TDS Sample


Adhesion Promoters

K-FLEX® acetoacetates react to contribute polar groups in the polymer morphology and provide better adhesion to various substrates.Primary applications are 2K systems where one component is an amine, or where an amine is generated in the reaction.

NACURE® XC-293 is a solventborne adhesion promoter additive for aluminum substrates.

Product Form Substrate TDS Sample
K-FLEX XM-B301 Liquid Metal or plastic TDS Sample
NACURE XC-293 Solution Metal or plastic TDS  Sample 


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