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Antioxidants > NA-LUBE AO Series

Ashless, Non-Corrosive, Excellent Solubility, and Thermal & Oxidative Stability

Primary Antioxidants

Product                Chemical Description % N  Flash,   COC Attributes TDS Sample

Non-corrosive Ashless Antioxidants

NA-LUBE AO-130 Dinonyldiphenylamine
3.5 165°C Excellent liquid antioxidant with outstanding product stability at low temperatures. TDS Sample
NA-LUBE AO-142 Octyl/butyldiphenylamine
4.5 185°C Excellent liquid antioxidant that is compliant with 21 CFR 178.3570 up to 0.5% by weight. HX-1 registered (# 140584). TDS Sample
NA-LUBE AO-210  2,6 Ditertbutylphenol - - - >100°C General purpose antioxidant with very low volatility compared to BHT. TDS Sample
NA-LUBE AO-242 2,6 Ditertbutylphenol
- - - 148°C High temperature liquid antioxidant with low volatility and low viscosity.  Provides  reduced sludge formation. TDS Sample


Secondary Antioxidant

Product                     % Sulfur % Nitrogen Flash, COC Attributes TDS Sample

Unique AO with Excellent AW Properties

NA-LUBE ADTC 30 6.5 180°C NA-LUBE ADTC is a unique ashless dithiocarbamate offering extreme pressure, antiwear and antioxidant  properties. TDS Sample
NA-LUBE AW-6330 10 --- 110°C NA-LUBE AW-6330 is a multifunctional additive with excellent extreme pressure/antiwear and antioxidation properties. Can be used as an ashless alternative to zinc dialkyldithiophosphates in industrial lubricants, greases, and metalworking fluids. TDS Sample



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