Deogrip Micro S 1030

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Deogrip Micro S 1030 is a matting, softtouch and antislip agent.

Deogrip Micro S 1030 is designed predominantly for solvent-born paints and varnishes. It is based on the solvent Dipropylene Glycol Dimethyl Ether (DMM), which does not contain hydroxyl-groups and therefore is excellent suited for PU systems. The solvent is characterized by a medium-fast evaporation rate and is not classified as HAZMAT.

Deogrip Micro S 1030 enables excellent and very constant matting. Compared with conventional matting additives, Deogrip Micro S 1030 gives no brightening or sedimentation due to spec. Gravity.

Deogrip Micro S 1030 promotes satin surfaces with pleasant surface feeling and excellent mar resistance. Deogrip Micro S 1030 is widely compatible with commonly used binder systems.

Appearance                                                                            White dispersion
Solids content [%] DIN EN ISO 3251                                     29 - 31
Density at 25°C [g/cm3] DIN ISO 787 T10A                           0.94 – 0.98
Dosage [%] (matting)                                                              3
Dosage [%] (softtouch / antislip)                                             8 - 15
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