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Deolink MX-100 is an activator for filler

Deolink MX-100 is an alternative to mercaptosilanes which often cannot be used because of their unpleasant smell. Deolink MX-100 reacts with the silica filler already during the mixing process. Because of its bifunctionality it forms a chemical bond between the filler and the rubber molecule at cure temperature.
In comparison with mercaptosilanes a reduced susceptibility to scorching and low odour is observed.

Appearance                                                                         Colorless or light yellow liquid
Chemical Composition                                                        Octylthiol-thio-propyl- triethoxysilane
Content (%) DIN 53174                                                       min 85.0
Total Sulphur (%) ASTM D 1552 (LECO)                            7.6 - 9.6
Density at 25°C (g/cm3) DIN ISO 787 part 10                     0.94 - 0.98

Note: The above analytical data are not specifications.

Mainly used for rubber articles with active white fillers, e.g. shoe soles, industrial rollers, conveyer belts and industrial floor coverings.

 Store in originally sealed packaging in cool, dry places.
Shelf Life is min. one year  under the recommended storage conditions.
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