Deosulf L 95

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 Deosulf L 95 is a sulphur preparation composed of soluble sulphur min. 99,5 (%) with dispersing agents.

The sulphur particles in Deosulf L 95 are coated with dispersing agents. By this formation of agglomerates during storage, transporting and incorporating as well as dusting is avoided. Furthermore the sulphur preparation is readily incorporated and
uniformly dispersed. No local overcure appears and consequently vulcanisates with excellent ageing properties are obtained.

Appearance                                                             Yello powder, non-dusting.
Chemical Composition                                             soluble sulphur min. 99,5 (%) with dispersing agents       
Density at 20°C (g/cm3)
                       DIN ISO 787 part 10 A 1                  .94 – 2.06
Dosage (phr)                                                           1 part Deosulf L 95 corresponds to 1 part sulphur

Compounds, especially soft ones based on natural and synthetic rubbers.

 Store in originally sealed packaging in cool, dry places.
Shelf Life is min. two years  under the recommended storage conditions.
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