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 Deovulc ATP-70 is a vulcanization accelerator for rapid cure

Deovulc ATP-70 is a vulcanization accelerator for rapid cure of EPDM and diene rubber. Deovulc ATP-70 is commonly applied in combination with additional accelerators like e.g. thiazols or sulfenamides. Deovulc ATP-70 gives way to high cross-link concentration and vulcanizates with low compression set as well as exellent heat aging results.

Appearance                                                              white to beige, non dusting powder
Active Substance                                                      Preparation of zincdialkyldithiophosphate and amine,70 % adsorbed on silica
Total Sulphur (%) ASTM D 1552 (LECO)                11.0 - 13.0
Density at 20°C (g/cm3) DIN ISO 787, part 10 a     .4
Dosage (phr)                                                            0.5 - 2.5

For nitrosamine free, rapid sulphur vulcanization of EPDM and diene rubber. Suitable for all common processing techniques like e.g. extrusion or moulding.

 Store in a cool, dry place away from any direct source of heat and moisture.
Shelf Life is min. one year in the originally sealed package under the recommended storage conditions.
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