Deovulc BG 187

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 Deovulc BG 187 is a blend of accelerators, which cannot form any nitrosable secondary amines.

Deovulc EG 3 is an excellent accelerator for general EPDM applications requiring a medium cure rate and an average compression set with non-staining and non-blooming requirements. Typical dosage is 3-5 phr for black loaded compounds or 5-6 phr for light colored compounds with 1-2 phr sulfur. No additional accelerators are required.

Appearance                                                                 Beige, dust-free powder
Chemical Composition                                                Synergistic blend of thiazole-dithiophosphate and basic accelerators      
Total Sulphur (%) ASTM D 1552 (LECO)                   18.5 - 21.5
Density at 20°C (g/cm3) DIN ISO 787 part 10 A         1.34 - 1.46 g/cm3

For nitrosamine-free vulcanized articles (mainly EPDM), which have to be non-blooming* and non-staining. By addition of ZBEC or TBzTD or CBS, cure times can be shortened.
*Due to a large number of rubber-compositions we cannot guarentee non-blooming for all applications.

Store in dry places at a maximum of 25 °C in its originally sealed package.
Shelf life is a min. one year in the originally sealed package under the recommended storage.
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